History check help please ?

my answers are : B;C;B;A;D;C;A;B;D;C;A;B;B;B;C;D;A;A;B;C;D;D;C;A;B;C;D;

1. Trench warfare caused the immobilization of troops on the (1 point)
Western Front.
Middle Eastern desert.
Eastern Front.
mountains in Russia.
2. After the war, Britain ruled Iraq and Palestine as (1 point)
colonies, which they received as part of Germany’s war reparations.
mandates on behalf of the League of Nations, but did not down the territory.
indirect rulers, which allowd the two nations some semblance of autonomy.
direct rulers, leading to much animosity that still exists today.
3. ___, the aggressive preparation for war, was growing along with nations’ armies. (1 point)
4. The Red secret police, known as the Cheka, began (1 point)
infiltrating the governments of Russia’s enemies as spies.
to plot against Lenin almost immediately after he came to power.
to restore order to Russia after years of civil war.
a Red Terror campaign to destroy all those who opposed the new regime.
5. Under the leadership of ___, the Bolsheviks became a party dedicated to violent revolution. (1 point)
Alexander Kerensky
Grigori Rasputin
V.I. Lenin
Alexandra Romanov
6. The concept of total war means that (1 point)
troops and supplies were rapidly assembled.
soldiers were drafted.
the influence of military leaders grew.
it involved a complete mobilization of resources and people.
7. Germany was especially unhappy with Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles because it (1 point)
forced Germany to reduce the size of its army and navy.
forced Germany to give back the territories of Alsace and Lorraine.
awarded sections of eastern Germany to the new Polish state.
declared that Germany and Austria were responsible for starting the war.
8. Quickly turning the USSR from an agricultural to an industrial economy was (1 point)
the main goal of the Red Army.
a plan known as the Politburo.
Stalin’s Five Year Plans.
a plan that had widespread peasant support.
9. The world leader who used methods of civil disobedience to protest unjust laws was
(1 point)
Sun Yat-sen.
Benito Mussolini.
Mohandas Gandhi.
Francisco Franco.
10. Mao Zedong led the ___ on the Long March. (1 point)
Nationalist Party
People’s Liberation Army
New Life Movement
People’s Republic of China Army
11. The official political party of the Mexican Revolution was known as
(1 point)
the Radical Party.
the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
12. Hitler’s form of attack that used tank divisions supported by air attacks was called (1 point)
phony war.
13. A fascist government is one in which (1 point)
the active involvement of the masses is expected.
a communal system of work exists in which the state owns the means of production.
powerful landowners make most government decisions.
a strong central government is led by a dictatorial ruler.
14. The ruler who introduced many modern reform in Turkey was (1 point)
T.E. Lawrence.
Abduhlhamid II.
Ibn Saud.
15. Mohandas Gandhi protested British laws by (1 point)
staging massive labor strikes to cripple British business interests in India.
using terrorism in an attempt to drive the British out of India.
using methods of civil disobedience, that is, refusing to obey laws considerd to be unjust.
refusing to eat Irish potatoes.
16. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor policy (1 point)
stopped trade between the United states and the Latin American countries.
lowered taxes on goods imported from Latin American countries.
allowed open immigration between the U.S. and all Latin American countries.
rejected the use of U.S. military force in Latin America.
17. In the autumn of 1931, Manchuria was invaded by
(1 point)
a group of Communist agents that was trained by the Comintern in Moscow.
the Japanese army, acting on the orders of the newly formed Imperial Rule Assistance Association.
an extremist group of middle-level Japanese army officers acting without government approval.
the Russian army.
18. “As for the peasants in the countryside, on the other hand, as soon as they rise up, they run into the political power of those local bullies, bad gentry, and landlords who have been crushing the peasants for several thousand years. (This political power of the landlords is the true foundation of the political power of the warlords.)
-Mao Zedong, “Revolution and the Peasants” (1926)

According to this passage, what is the relationship between the warlords and the landlords? (1 point)
They are both local bullies.
They are both bad gentry.
They have both helped peasants.
The power of the landlords is the source of the warlords’ power.
19. Two days after Hitler’s invasion of ___, Britain and France declared war on Germany. (1 point)
20. In order to address labor shortages duri

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